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Designing solutions for preventing
hearing loss & Jewelry design.

by Miaswill


As a jewelry designer, Miaswill combines two different areas of creative passion: The start of the brand Miaswill's originated from her desire to transform organic shapes into pieces of jewelry, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature itself. This journey began while being a student of "XS Schmuck“ Jewelry design at the HSLU - Design & Kunst Luzern. The designer not only broadened her skills, but also came up with the name for her label. With the knowledge and creative vision she gained, Miaswill designed her first collection, enhancing her unique aesthetic.


In addition to her work as a jewelry designer, Miaswill has a significant interest in hearing health, which developed during her studies at "XS Schmuck". As a bachelor's thesis, Miaswill implemented a research project with the title "Do you see me hearing you?" where she designed a "visually louder" hearing aid. This project served as a catalyst for her exploration of noise-induced hearing loss and the potential role of design in its prevention in her master thesis. Driven by a strong interest in hearing health, Miaswill immerses herself in the world of design, seeking innovative solutions to protect and preserve hearing.

By combining jewelry design with attention to hearing health, Miaswill aims to raise awareness and contribute to the development of preventative measures. 


Master project 2023

Maintaining our hearing abilities is crucial for engaging with others and experiencing our surroundings.


Bachelorproject 2020

Hearing Aids are hardly noticeable these days because the industry designs them to be as discreet as possible. 

2020 Collection

Inspired by the changing Colours and Shapes in Autumn.  The time when everything bursts with its last beauty.

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