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Nudging people to prevent hearing loss

Master Project 2023

Maintaining our hearing abilities is crucial for engaging with others and experiencing our surroundings. While the negative impact of noise on hearing is well known, people neglect to take appropriate measures to protect their hearing in everyday life.

More effective strategies to avoid harmful noise environments are necessary.

DSC_3844-Street View-WebRes-Cut.jpg

“hEar” is a wearable tool
that measures sound 

intensity and alerts users

in real-time when noise levels become “dangerous.” The

goal is to raise awareness and prevent noise-induced hearing loss with a lifestyle-oriented tool that nudges people to change their behavior.

Real-time feedback on noise exposure levels supports safe listening habits. The device encourages behavior change leading to enhanced quality of life. „hEar“analyzes visual noise patterns to improve the user‘s perception of the auditory environment. 

The tool targets young people who might regard hearing loss as a distant problem in their everyday lives.

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