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Created by Sophie Mia Willener.

Mia's Will is inspired from Shapes and Forms of Nature.

All these different organic Shapes created from Nature have interested me for a long time, collecting and preserving Treasures. Having those Objects near me has supported me when i was a Child.

Most of the Time I lost them again, because I carried them around in my Pockets. When I got older, I tried to make these Objects wearable with simple Materials, as a kind of Amulet. 

Jewelry was for me a Way to enhance my Personality. So I started to wear more and more Jewelry and loved to look for new Treasures, Objects from Nature and Jewelry from past Times. That's where the Dream occurred to make Jewelry by myself so i could wear the Shapes of Nature with me all the Time. 


The Atelier

Thats where you can find me: My Creative Place, where everything is created. I design all of my Collections at my Suisse based Studio. Every single Piece is made by Hand, from Me. 

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